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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mega Sons of Garage Fuzz Part 19-

I think the "original" Garage Fuzz torrent had about 20 parts, as will this we have letters U &
V, and again, I have trimmed any overlap from the original series.....thanks again to James for creating these brilliant torrents, please keep them alive

PART 19-01 UGLY DUCKLINGS-Nothin/02 UNBELIEVEABLE UGLIES-Get Straight/03 UNDERDOGS-Dont Pretend/04 UNDERDOGS-Get Down ON Your Knees/05 UNDERPRIVLEGED-Come On/06 UNIQUES-My Babe/07 UNIQUES-Run And Hide/08 UNKNOWN-Would I Still Be Her Man/09 UNRELATED SEGMENTS- Cry Cry Cry/10 UPRISERS-Let Me Take You Down/11 VAGRANTS-A Sunny Summer Rain/12 VAGRANTS-And When Its Over/13 VAGRANTS-Beside the Sea/14 VANCE CHARLES & THE SONICS-My Soul/15 VENTURI 5-The Way You Feel/16 VERSATILES-Cyclothymia/17 VERSATILES-Somethin Like A Man/18 VINE STREET BOYS-Come On Over/19 VOIDS-I'm In a Fix


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