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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Tolo Marton

Fabio raves about this Venezia guitarist......never heard of him myself, but I trust Mr. Fabio, and am guessing this will be a pleasant surprise.

Tolo Marton - My Place is Close to You (1996)

01 Certitude Of Laundromats.m4a
02 Alpine Valley.m4a
03 See What You've Done To Me.m4a
04 Music Lady.m4a
05 Plains Of Joy.m4a
06 Rainy Day.m4a
07 Back To My Youth.m4a
08 I Don't Wanna Be Alone.m4a
09 My Place Is Close To You.m4a
10 Wake Up.m4a
11 Pinto Creek.m4a

1 comment:

  1. Many years ago i was in a club with some friends, listening a local band.
    After the gig we started to talk with this senior man, at the time i were 20 and seemed me a old man
    With great musical knowledge... at some point this
    Cat say I m Tolo Marton... sure i responded, i m Clapton, Eric pleased to met you.
    Little to no minutes later he borrowed a guitar from the stage... Christ, Holy Christ... Tolo you' ve toured with the Bigs for some Reason.