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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Flo and Eddie

I asked yesterday, and MD Milner comes through with the first Flo and Eddie album, "The Phlorescent Leech and Eddie".......hadn't heard it in 40 years probably, still elicits a smile, although I wish it was the album (anyone?) which contains the hilarious "Another Pop Stars Life Goes By".........still this one is way worth your time, especially if the Turtles thing did it for ya yesterday.

THE PHLORESCENT LEECH AND EDDIE-01 Flo & Eddie Theme/02 Thoughts Have Turned/03 It Never Happened/04 Burn The House/05 Lady Blue/06 Strange Girl/07 Who But I/08 I Been Born Again/09 Goodbye Surprise/10 Nikki Hoi/11 Really Love/12 Feel Older Now/13 There You Sit Lonely 

Thanks MD, great submission


  1. Live it up, and thanks for all you do!!!!

  2. Check your e-mail for a private link....