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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


If you are unfamiliar with these two Croatian lads, prepare for an experience......these guys play mostly well-
known songs on fave is the rumbling "Welcome to the Jungle", but there is lots's worth your while to check YouTube for their videos, just amazing. Brian (MIA?) turned me onto these guys long ago, just found the albums on-line.......enjoy this stuff rocks and is unique to say the least.

2CELLOS (JAPANESE EDITION)-01 Where the Streets Have No Name/02 Miserlou/03 Use Somebody/04 Smooth Criminal/05 Fragile/06 The Resistance/07 Hurt/08 Welcome to the Jungle/09 Human Nature/10 Viva la Vida/11 Smells Like Teen Spirit/ 12 With or Without You/13 Fields of Gold

IN2ITION-01 Oh Well/02 We Found Love/03 Highway To
Hell/04 Every Breath You Take/05 Supermassive Black Hole/06 Technical Difficulties/07 Clocks/08 Bang Bang/09 Voodoo People/10 Candle In the Wind/11 Orient Express/12 Il Libro Dell'Amore/13 Benedictus

CELLOVERSE (JAPANESE EDITION)-01 The Trooper/02 I Will Wait/03 Thunderstruck (Intro)/04 Thunderstruck/05 Hysteria/06 Shape of My Heart/07 Mombasa/08 Time/09 Wake Me Up/10 They Don't Care About Us/11 Live And Let Die/12 Street Spirit (Fade Out)/13 Celloverse/14 Satisfaction

DISCOVER-01 Thunderstruck (Intro)/02 Thunderstruck/03 Smooth Criminal/04 Highway To Hell/05 Smells Like Teen Spirit/06 The Trooper/07 Every Breath You Take/08 They Don't Care About Us/09 Technical Difficulties/10 Hysteria/11 Mombasa/12 The Resistance/13 Celloverse/14 Live And Let Die/15 Benedictus/16 Purple Haze (Live)/17 Back in Black (Live)/18 Whole Lotta Love





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