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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sunshine & The Rain

Tripped over this one by mistake, album of the day! A great one from Sunshine & the Rain, girl-group sounds ala Nikki & the Corvettes or the Junior Varsity, fleshed out with great songs, great hard rocking guitars, ........  simply a great album......thanks to the anonymous contributor for sending "In the Darkness of My Light".....perhaps a less frightening, modern day Donnas?

IN THE LIGHT OF MY DARKNESS-01 Let's Go/02 Little Rag Doll/03 I'm Not Your Girl/04 Come On Baby/05 Merchandise/06 So Far So Close/07 Going the Wrong Way/08 Take Me Out Again/09 Can'tStop Thinking About You/10 In a Dream

DO NOT miss this phenominal album.

1 comment:

  1. Checking this out now. I like the description alluding to the Donnas as frightening. (I loved the Donnas).