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Saturday, June 3, 2017


A Classic......Fabio sends this one along and asks my opinion of it, it's been a fave for a while, as you know I love that early 70's hard/heavy psych/rock.......this one, "Overdrive", turned up in 1971, and it's a rocker for are a few words of review:

Heavy psych from Iowa, this was their only album, original privately pressed in only 50 copies – thank god for the reissue labels! Incredibly raw, drugged-out dualing-guitar attacks of fuzzy hard blues rock, buried under the warm din of self-production in a basement studio. Recommended for channeling your inner sweaty speed-freak biker.

1 Plea From The Soul
2 Uncle Jerry
3 Whiskey Took My Woman
4 Rock And Roll Man
5 Red Thumb
6 Overdrive