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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Another Bandcamp gem from Studkid

This is  a good one, I'll let Studkid describe:

Another free gem from bandcamp.
Lord Montague is playing a heavy psych pro-metal/stoner/blues. The 2015 effort is a wonderfull concept album of a modren take of Platon's the Cave.
From Bandcamp:
This is a modern day version of Plato's Allegory of the Cave, from THE REPUBLIC.

In this version, a child is born into the world, and soon after is lured into the modern "cave" by way of the television, the church, and government propaganda. This process is chronicled in "Lord Montague Theme" and "The Cave Part One".

After being fully brainwashed, the prisoner plays the "shadow game" for a while, but soon he realizes that his "reality" is not reality. He escapes from the cave, running as far away as possible. (The Cave Part Two

2 albums.

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