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Friday, June 16, 2017

Hugo Race and Michaelangelo Russo

Gotta say I'm unfamiliar with this one, the album is entitled "John Lee Hooker's World Today", with reworkings of some of Hooker's classics....I can't say much about it until I hear it, but Fabio refers to it as "opiate inducing", sounds great!

JOHN LEE HOOKERS WORLD TODAY-01 Hobo Blues/02 Love Blues/03 Serves You Right to Suffer/04 Decoration Day/05 The World Today/06 Motor City Is Burning/07 Country Boy/08 When My First Wife Left Me

1 comment:

  1. Hugo Race was a former Nick Cave guitarist...
    Great musician.
    Seen live as Hugo Race and The True Spirit some 15 yrs ago ... only Killing Joke and maybe The Fall have marked my already black soul that manner with a gig. M. Russo its True Spirit harp player... kickassers!