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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Can: The Singles

Just got this one, I know the huge Can post was quite popular, I don't think this one was included (could be wrong) in the name of completeness, here is one of the blog's apparent favorite bands again!

SINGLES-01 Soul Desert/02 She Brings the Rain/03 Spoon/04 Shikako Maru Ten/05 Turtles Have Short Legs/06 Halleluwah (edit)/07 Vitamin C/08 I'm So Green/09 Mushroom/10 Moonshake/11 Future Days (edit)/12 Dizzy Dizzy (edit)/13 Splash/14 Hunters and Collectors/15 Vernal Equinox/16 I Want More/17 ....And More/18 Silent Night/19 Cascade Waltz/20 Don't Say No (edit)/21 Return/22 Can Can/23 Hoolah Hoolah (edit)