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Monday, June 5, 2017


Excited to get this one (Fabio), I'm unfamiliar with it but it's from the classic era of early 70's pre-stoner metal, which I love, and from the review seems to be from the Atomic Rooster/Hard Stuff school of 70's rock.......there is a goldmine of this stuff still out there virtually unknown, so if you're my age and have any classic heavy-psych from this era, please don't hesitate.


With a massive proto-doom vibe running throughout, this album is a blast of riffs, hammond organ abuse and wah-wah solos. Uriah Heep/Purple song compositions are the template here, all played with the conviction of Atomic Roosters Death Walks Behind You. Doomy riffing and sinister organ use bring a modern touch to proceedings .. yeah, the wheel is not being reinvented here but as Medusa1975 were around in the 70s, they have every right to sound like this, unlike the slew of current bands lazily ripping off wholesale riffs from that time. ~ Tony Maim (Black Insect LaughterStoner HiVe)

RISING FROM THE ASHES-01 Armageddon/02 Rage On/03 Fall of the House Usher/04 Turn To Stone/05 Into the Night/06 Circles of Hell

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  1. This is a 2017 release. The band released an album in the 70s under Medusa moniker.