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Sunday, June 11, 2017

More Classic Flo & Eddie!

Ask and recieve: After MD Milner submitted the first Flo & Eddie album (See earlier today), a friend of the
blog named Mark Breitinger submits the following, the second album (1973's "Flo & Eddie"), the third (1974's "Illegal, Immoral, and Fattening"), and the amazing three-disc "History of Flo and Eddie"......can't wait to hear "History", never knew it existed.......thanks to MD Milner and Mark Breitinger for filling in the Flo and Eddie gaps in everyone's stash, not too many bands I COMPLETELY, TOTALLY forget about, but here is one........fantastic, hilarious stuff.

FLO & EDDIE-01 If We Only Had the Time/02 Days/03 You're a Lady/04 Carlos & the Bull/05 Afterglow/06 Best Part of Breaking Up/07 The Sanzini Brothers/08 Another Pop Star's Life/09 Just Another Town/10 Marmendy Mill

ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, AND FATTENING-01 Illegal, Immoral, and Fattening/02 Rebecca/03 Kama Sutra Time/04 The Sanzini Brothers Return (With the Tibetan Memory Trick)/05 Livin In the Jungle/06 Cheap/07 The Kung Fu Killer/08 Eddie Are You Kidding?/09 The Pop Star Massage Unit/10 Let Me Make Love to You/11 There's No Business Like Show Business

HISTORY DISC 1-01 Westchester High School Alma Mater/02 Silver Bullet/03 I Get Out of Breath/04 Outside Chance/05 Grim Reaper of Love/06 Lady-o/07 Medley/08 Happy Together/09 Goodbye Surprise/10 There You Sit Lonely/11 We Aint Gonna Party No More/12 The Flo & Eddie Theme/13 Feel Older Now/14 Nikki Hoi/15 I've Been Born Again

HISTORY DISC 2-01 Best Part of Breaking Up/02 Another Pop Star's Life/03 Just Another Town/04
Afterglow/05 You're a Lady/06 Marmendy Mill/07 Illegal, Immoral, and Fattening/08 Rebecca/09 Let Me Make Love to You/10 Mama, Open Up/11 Keep It Warm/12 Moving Targets

HISTORY DISC 3-01 Flo & Eddie By the Fireside Radio Theme/02 The Big Showdown/03 This Could Be The Day/04 Good Duck/05 Medley No. 1/06 The Flo & Eddie Show/07 Getaway (Back To LA)/08 Livin In the Jungle/09 Youth In Asia/10 Medley No. 2/11 Closing Theme




NOTE: Just recieved some more Flo & Eddie, not time to include in this post, but see tomorrow for Flo & Eddie w/Lou Reed!

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  1. Here's something else of theirs I enjoyed