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Monday, April 13, 2015

A Psychedelic Tribute to the Doors

I think you will like this one a good bit, a fairly un-typical tribute album with some good artist/song matchups.....modern day psych artists, including among my favorites The Black Angels and The Raveonettes, both strongly Doors influenced, take on Doors tracks to favorable results. The damn Cream thing is done finally, that was a nightmare to get up with all those many files and many huge FLAC files, some of which I split and the rest of which I said FUCK IT and converted them, not a whole lot better......thanks to Brian for holding down the fort with some Comedy posts while I was pulling out the little hair I have left while messing with that Cream......if I made any mistakes on the Cream thing, let me know, I WILL fix them, after all that work I at least want it to be a good post where you can get anything you want/need.....I know the box set, especially, is kind of a mess as I had to split each disc into I think 4 parts, lotta work, and if I screwed one or two of them up, let me know and I'll fix it pronto.........

Anyway, this is a good one, I think you guys will all like's fairly new, so if anyone complains I will take it down, but when I heard it I couldn't, see what ya think!

PSYCH TRIBUTE TO THE DOORS-01 ELEPHANT STONE-LA Woman/02 THE BLACK ANGELS-Soul Kitchen/03 PSYCHIC ILLS-Love Me Two Times/04 DARK HORSES-Hello I Love You//05 CAMERA-People Are Strange/06 DEAD MEADOW-The Crystal Ship/07 SONS OF HIPPIES-The Soft Parade/08 DEAD SKELETONS-Riders on the Storm/09 WALL OF DEATH-Light My Fire/10 CLINIC-Touch Me/11 VIETNAM-Roadhouse Blues/12 GERI X-Love Her Madly/13 THE RAVEONETTES-The End

To me this is a fantastic set, one that's been overdue for sometime....comments please, I really think this one is one most of you will really enjoy!



  2. I'm up to track 7 and I'm loving this. Just headphones and madness.