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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Insect Trust

How about a couple of light-psych albums from Insect Trust, tried to write these last night but never got to
it.....Insect Trust released a pair of LP's, 1969-70, and were composed of singer Nancy Jefferires, guitarist Bill Barth, multi-instrumentalist Luke Faust, Trevor Koehler on saxaphone, Robert Palmer on Clarinet and alto sax, as well as a pair of drummers, Elvin Jones and Bernard Purdie.

Highly intellectual stuff, sophisticated melodies and lyrics, if these are missing from your late 60's psych collection, they shouldn't be.....they are pretty fine albums. The self titled debut features some stuff that REALLY sounds like nothing else, my fave being the raved-up "Special Rider Blues", but there are jazz/country/blues/rock influences all over the place, this is simply a damn fine album.

The follow up, "Hoboken Saturday Night", is nearly as good if not better, with great songs like "The Eyes of a New York Woman" and "Our Sister the Sun"....this might remind one of "bathing at Baxters" era jefferson Airplane to a point, and wha the hell would be wrong with that.....these are damn fine albums, like, really, when have I ever steered you wrong my children? These are two fine pieces of late 60's psych-rock, I love them both to death, see what you think and of course PLEASE COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW!

INSECT TRUST-01 The Skin Game/02 Miss Fun City/03 World War I Song/04 Special Rider Blues/05 Foggy River Bridge Fly/06 Been Here and Gone So Soon/07 Declaration of Independence/08 Walking on Nails/09 Brighter Than Day/10 Mountain Song/11 Going Home

HOBOKEN SATURDAY NIGHT-01 Be a Hobo/02 Hoboken Saturday night/03 The Eyes of a New York Woman/04 Ragtime Millionaires/05 Somedays/06 Our Sister the Sun/07 Reciprocity/08 Trip on Me/09 Now Then My Sweet Man Mr Garfield/10 Reincarnations/11 Glade Song/12 Ducks



  2. Thanks a lot for this. unbelievable that they never made the cut. I would also like the other LP if you upload that. And I would appreciate a higher bitrate if possible. Not that my ears are that good, but the closer to lossless the better :-)


  4. right as soon as heard the self titled, I bought it on vinyl right away! thank you so much for exposing me to this adventurous, mind expanding music!!

  5. Been intrigued by this ever since reading a very positive review back in the late 70s/early 80s from a book compiling reviews from earlier in the decade. Probably Christgau's Record Guide to the 70's which was pretty much my bible for better or worse (better for me, for example it let me know about Grin, but I could see worse for those who treated his pronouncements like those of God rather than a smart-ass uncle!). Thanks!