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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Gugun Power Trio

Ok, after that foolishness, here's one I really DO like, from Indonesia, ca. 2004, this band is referred to at home as "Gugun Blues Shelter" or "Gugun and the Blues Shelter", for reasons unclear to me they are referred to as "Gugun Power Trio" for the American and European markets. They have released a handful of albums in Indonesia, only two in the English-speaking markets, this one ("Far East Blues Experience") and another which I don't have (anyone able to help?) entitled "Solid Ground".....

As I understand it, this is something of a collection of tracks from their earlier Indonesian releases, the basic lineup is Gugun on lead guitar and vocals, Jono Armstrong on bass, and Bowie (I don't make them up) on the drums......this is hard, heavy Cream/Zeppelin/Hendrix influenced stuff, more or less dominated by Gugun's flashy, showy guitar work....anyway, the vocals/lyrics are kind of lacking, but if you like an updated and yet retro Cream-sorta sound, you might take an interest in this one.....really WOULD like to hear some of the original Indonesian releases, where oh where is my old buddy Psyclist?

01 Woman/02 Turn It Down/03 Fallin Down/04 Who Is To Blame/05 Spinnin' Around Me/06 Holding On/07 Move On/08 Talk Too Much/09 Plastic People/10 Night Flying/11 Emptiness/12 Good Things, Bad Things/13 Whiskey Woman (Acoustic)

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