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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Avengers

Clearing all that synth-pop from my head, let us now relive a bit MORE of my high school years (this time with stuff from MY side of the tracks), kick ass San Francisco punk rock from the Avengers. Like many of the 70's punk bands they shifted lineups a bit, but basically what we had here were singer Penelope Houston, guitarist Danny Ingraham, drummer Danny Furious (!), and bassist James Wilsey.  The released an EP in 1977, "We Are the One", the tracks from which are included on this collection. They released no other studio material in the time in which they were together, however, after thier disbandment, an album was released entitled "Avengers" was thrown together, rounding up tracks from thier entire tour of duty.

I am not certain but I think this collection includes everything they released, if not it's damn near all of it, the entire LP and I think all the EP's and singles are here too (they did have a couple live releases too, thought I had one of them here but either I'm wrong or can't find it)...... too bad because I remember them as being a dynamic live act, if I find it later (or Andie James or Dave Sez has it) I'll put it up later......anyways THESE are the sounds of the late 1970's as I remember them.......

I guess like so many of these guys they sully my memory of them by reuniting in recent times, a fact that I could ignore if not for the fact that there is a track here (a live "The American in Me") in which they team up with Pearl Jam, interesting at the very least......the original stuff, though, is as frantic as I recall it.

AVENGERS COLLECTION-01 We Are the One/02 Car Crash/03 I Believe In Me/04 Open Your Eyes/05 No Martyr/06 Desperation/07 Thin White Line/08 Paint It Black/09 The American In Me/10 White Nigger/11 Uh-Oh/12 Second to None/13 Corpus Christi/14 Fuck You (Live)/15 Teenage Rebel/16 Friends of Mine/17 White Nigger/18 The Good The Bad and the Kowalskis/19 I Want In/20 Crazy Homicide/21 Penelope Unplugged/22 End of the World/23 American In Me (Live With Pearl Jam in 2006)/24 Corpus Christi


  1. The band self released this CD a few years ago as a 2 disc collection - . I was lucky enough to have Penelope sign my copy that I bought from her at Punk Rock Bowling a few years ago at one of the club shows. They were great that night btw!