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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Masterplan

From 2004, here is an overlooked garage rocking gem from The Masterplan, masterminded by the
Dictators Adny Shernoff and Keith Strong from the Fleshtones.....this is a FANTASTIC unknown album, a masterpiece of sloppy, loud, ugly garage rock, YOU DO want to hear this, have you not already.......lotsa fab cover versions here, such as The Cadet's "I Got  Loaded" and Hank Ballard's "Annie Had a Baby".......if you are not familiar with this classic album, GET FAMILIAR with it rigth now, a totally fantastic piece of over the edge garage rock n roll......I will say NOTHING ELSE, and I hope you guys trust me, try this one out, and let me know what you think.....this is a PHENOMINAL rock n roll album, one which should be on most EVERYONE'S shelf......often times I enjoy bringing up a "classic" no one has ever heard of, THIS is one of those!

THE MASTERPLAN-COLOUSSUS OF DESTINTY-01 What's Up With That/02 Better get Better/03 Dead Horse/04 You're Mine/05 I Got Loaded/06 Find Something Beautiful/07 Just Because/08 Annie Had a baby/09 Loves You/10 Pickett's Charge/11 Kickin' It Old School/12 Broken Arrow/13 Walking

GREAT album here, PLEASE don't miss out on it, I'm gonna put one or two more up tonight to make up for the Cream-Void of the last week, but if you trust me (?) this is a fabulous album that you WANT to hear!



  2. No probs. Glad to help you out by grabbing this. Anything with Andy/Adney Shernoff and Dictators related is welcome - Bloodbrothers has been on my desert island collection for many years!

  3. I'm in total agreement with Anon. As soon as I saw Adny Shernoff was on this I wanted it. And you are right I didn't even know this existed. Many Thanks

  4. You are right this is a GREAT record!!!!!!!!

  5. Great post! I looked all over for a copy of this when I first became aware of it a few years ago, and then forgot about it. I perked up when I saw it on your blog! Thanks!