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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Richard & Linda Thompson "Shoot Out the Lights"

This is one of my favorite of all albums, I was never a fan of the type of celtic/folkish stuff that Richard Thompson did with Fairport Convention....however, here is the skinny....."Shoot Out the Lights" is one of the greatest albums ever released, any genre, an era, period.

This is an absolutely brilliant statement about the diffiuclties of marriage and of love, but to describe it in such terms is to underrate it tremendously.......I am NOT a fan, in particular, of Richard's previous work, making it all the more stunning that this album would EASILLY rank as one of my top 20 releases, ever, by anyone.

What, really, can I say? The songwriting is brilliant.....Richards guitar work is beyond incredible, as are Linda's vocals....."Walking on a Wire", "The Back Street Slide", the title track, "Did She Jump or Was She Pushed?", and, in particular for me, "The Wall of Death" are stone cold classics, not exactly "rock n roll" classics, but classics of MUSIC, among the greatest ever'll have to just pop this on and listen to it when you get the chance, this is an album I place with "Forever Changes", "Nevermind", "The Clash", "Blonde on Blonde"...........are you getting the idea? This is an INCREDIBLE, brilliant album, even though outside my realm of general listenership, I still fined it amazing on each aned EVERY single listen.....what more can I say? Hurry up before you die without hearing this piece of brilliance.

SHOOT OUT THE LIGHTS-01 Don't Renege On Our Love/02 Walking on a Wire/03 man In Need/04 Just the Motion/05 Shoot Out the Lights/06 Back Street Slide/07 Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed?/08 Wall of Death/09 Living In Luxury (bonus track)

This is one of the greatest albums ever recorded, please do not show it disrespect......sometimes I put up shit for us to laugh at, The Shaggs or Nimoy, or whatever, this is the opposite end of the guys know that the Big Guy has around 200000 CD's, right? Well, this is without question on of my ten favorites......does that intrigue you? It's not a "rocker", but it's just so fucking BRILLIANT that I can't imagine not naming it as one of my VERY favorites



  2. Now try out a Los Lobos cover of Shoot out the Lights. Also another world! Worth tracking down.

  3. You are so right, this is an absolute classic. Thanks for throwing out some more knowledge on the folks.

  4. Gonna give it a whirl, thanks

  5. This is one of my absolute favorites as well. I've been fortunate to see Mr. Thompson play live three times (once solo acoustic, once with full band and the third on the 1000 years of Popular Music show), and he's been phenomenal each time. Bravo for this post!