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Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Shaggs

Widely considered by many to be among the worst pieces of attempted "rock" "music" ever set to wax, now, you too can own not only a copy of the horror that is "Philosophy of the World", but also the "Shaggs Own Thing" which emerged at a later date and was added to the first release as "bonus" material.

Awful in every way imaginable, this is something you HAVE TO experience rather than just be told about. I know a few misguided souls who consider this garbage to be some sort of "masterpiece of minimalism" or some such, fact is, it is simply an album so awful, that like the films "Plan Nine From Outer Space" or "I Spit on Your Grave", this takes on a legend of it's own, so unique is it in its awfulness.

To be brief, the Shaggs were a group of very homely sisters from New Hampshire, who were somehow convinced that they were destined for stardom....looking up thier information on Wikipedia, we find that none other than Kurt Cobain considered "Philosophy" his #5 album of all time, and I always enjoyed Nirvana and most of what Cobain considered to be influential, but in this instance, he was either high, joking, ro just plain out-of-it.

Debra Rae Cohen, writing in Rollings Stone, referred to the band sounding like "a lobotomized Trapp Family Singers", which is much more accurate, Chris Connelly in the same publication states that it "may be, without exaggeration, be the worst album ever recorded."......and I concur. The guitar work could be replicated by grade school children taking perhaps their second lesson, the drummer seems oblivious to the material that the rest of the "band" seems to be playing, the lyrics......oh, my the lyrics......only thing worse could possibly be the vocals, if you can sit through this whole thing you should be eligible for some sort of award, just sitting through the staggering "My Pal Foot Foot" is jaw-dropping enough.

So, have I aroused your curiosity yet? And here some people call something like, oh, Dylan's "Self Portrait" or some Foriegner album as TRUE WORKS OF AWFULNESS, but (as bad as they are), that shit is the first Clash album or Love's "Forever Changes" compared to this torturefest......featured, of course, in the book "The 50 Worst Rock N Roll Albums of All Time", which I think I last referenced in regard to "Pat Boone in a Metal Mood".......this is one (actually TWO, heh, heh) TRULY horrendous recording.

Care to take a chance? Come on, you can do this........full report, I DARE one of ya to try to psuedo-Kurt Cobain-hip and declare that you somehow "like" this in a non-camp way.......if so, I REALLY want the address of your dealer.

THE COMPLETE SHAGGS-01 Philosophy of the World/02 That Little Sports Car/03 Who Are the parents/04 My Pal Foot Foot/05 My Companion/06 I'm So Happy When You're Near/07 Things I Wonder/08 Sweet Thing/09 It's Halloween/10 Why Do I Feel?/11 What Should I Do/12 We Have a Savior/13 Who Are the Parents (demo)/14 You're Somethin' Special to Me/15 Wheels/16 Paper Roses/17 Shagg's Own Thing/18 Painful Memories/19 Gimme Dat Ding/20 My Cutie/21 Yesterday Once More/22 My Pal Foot Foot/23 I Love/24 Shagg's Own Thing (Vocal Version) /25 Love at First Sight

Enjoy this one my children



  2. hello, as a faithful user of this blog is there any chance for a re-up? it's halloween after all..... thank you r. keith