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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Isn't it just odd.......

I juat think it's a litle perculiar that another "Big Time" blog, much bigger than this one, has criticized me repeaedly over the years, SIMLPY BECAUSE I POST MUSIC WITH WHICH HE IS NOT FAMILIAR.......acutually I thought that was kinda the IDEA, provide people with music they might not other wise hear.....but, evidently, this "big time" blog Doesn'r Like Me, not at all,. and have gone out of thier way to tell everyone as much.........that's all fine with me, HIS blog is still linked to MY blog. as I think he operates one of the greatest blogs out query is that his bitch has always been he "is unfamiliar with the musisc I post" , so he "unlinked me from  his blog"....never did and never will understad that, seems to me that the more music that is made available THE BETTER.....but he feels diferently....I wonder though, why he feels the need to post stuff that I personally have posted YEARS agao (The Pandoras, The Gruesomes, Detroit Cobras, and more.....) I SIMPLY DONOT GET his hostility towards me, probably never will.......I still link his blog too mine as I think he runs a GREAT blog, I will just NEVER, EVER
understand what he has against me......maybe someday, he will grow a pair and tell me, but until then I have no hard feelings, I am sure he hsa his reasons......meantime I have never once said a negative word about his blog and never would........I thought we were all on the same team here, perhaps i am mistaken.......I just have not clue why a blogger woud take such a dislike to another blogger, when we seem to be striving for the same goal........anyway, to the "blog that dislikes me", I wish you all the best, and hope for succes to continue for you in the future.....I just don't KNOW, nor have I ever.unertaood your logic, nor your dislike of my blog..........I will live through it just fine,, I am certain, it just puzzles me though, and I know I would never take any bloger to task, in particular for the reason that I was "unfamiliar with the music you post"..........have a great week, month, and year, and best of conrinued success to your great blog!


  1. Keep up the good work I say !

  2. Simply forget him... lifetime is too short to worry about him.
    Please don't stop your good work doing here and I'm thinking you're right: There are so much good music from talented and creative musicians that deserved to be heard.... and it makes fun to discover music. I wish you a very good week...

  3. ... it's me again. I forgot to thank you... nice greetings from Germany.

  4. I'll second that thought - I have no idea who your critic is, but he's completely missing the point of all of this. Thanks for sharing the unknown, diverse and underappreciated!

    1. Simon- all I can say is if I told you whom it was you'd be shocked......anyway fuck em......and great start by the royals, no?