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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cream Part 4

Never thought I had this much Cream, but it is what it is, it's cream, hard, heavy, lengthy rock n roll tracks, some classics, and some jams that you wish you'd die before they end..... Cream were a great band, but, as I think this post has pointed out, they DID have their weaknesses too, by now, both the strengths and weaknesses should be more than obvious..... Part 5 of this post is going to be whatever I have left, you'll love some, you'll hate some, but you will have pretty much the whole, entire picture of Cream.........HERE is what I have left......first up, I have a very old tape, "Acid the Live Cream Tape" (1967), one of the oldest of Cream artifacts around, plenty of mindless jams, also Falstaff Beer commercials, amongst "White Room" and a couple versions of "I Feel Free".....a TRUE historical curiosity.

Next, from Detroit we have a double disc bootleg, (10/15/67), leading off with a great "Tales Of Brave Ulysseys", and a slammin "NSU", before deteriorating into the more jam-familiar stuff.....disc 2 is pretty much jam-time, "Toad" and "Traintime" taking up the bulk of the time here.

From 10/25/68 we venture to Dallas, kicking off with a fine "White Room", also including a wonderful "Crossroads", before melding into "Spoonful"/"Toad" IS cream after all.....

Later that year, we have a set from Wallingford Connecticut, a very, very similar set list to the Dallas set, but if you're a Cream-addict, I'm sure this if for you as well......a good, lively set really.

And now something TRULY interesting......Cream's 1993 induction to the rock n roll Hall Of Fame.....we have their Rehearsals, Soundchecks, and performances, a truly fine historical document that you will want to have on hand.....the good part is NO jams, we get "Crossroads", "White Room", etc, this is a rare and wonderful set you will want to have around.

Now, I'm going to wrap these up and post em, and go on to Part 6, which are outtakes and ReMasters....this post turned out to be a "no joke" affair, not sure that is what I was predicting, but trust me, there is MORE STILL TO COME......

67 ACID The Lost Cream Tapes-01 I feel Free#1/02 Cat's Squirrel/03 Sing Along Jam/04 Sweet Wine/06 Dreaming/07I  Feel Free #2//08 Beauty Queen/09 Pressed Rat and Wart Hog/10 White Room/11 Falstaff Beer/12 Falstaff Beer/13 Doing That Scrapyard Thing/14 Jam #1/15 Jam #2/16 Jam#3/17 Jam #4/18 Jam #5

DETROIT 10/15/67 DISC 1-01 Tales of Brave Ulysses/02 NSU/03 Sitting On Top of the World/04
Sweet Wine/05 Rollin and Tumblin/06 Spoonful

DETROIT 10/15/67 DISC 2-01 Steppin Out/02 Traintime/03 Toad/04 I'm So Glad

DALLAS 10/25/68-01 01 White Room/02 Sunshine of Your Love/03 I'm So Glad/04 Sitting On Top of the World/05 Crossroads/06 Traintine/07 Toad/08 Spoonful

WALLINGFORD CT 6/15/68-01 White Room/02 Politician/03 I'm So Glad/04 Sittin On Top of the Worlds/05 Crossroads/06 Sunshine of Your Love/07 Traintime/08 Spoonful/09 Toad

1993 ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME REHEARSALS-01Sunshine of Your Love (pt1)/02 Sunshine of Your Love (Pt 2)/03 Sunshine of Your Love (pt 3)/04 Sunshine of Your Love (Pt 4)/05 Sunshine of Your Love (Pt 5)/06 Born under a bad Sign/07 Crossroads------SOUND CHECKS-08 Crossroads/09 Jam/10 Born Under a Bad Sign/11 Sunshine of Your Love------ROCK N ROLL HALL OF FAME-12 Crossroads/13 Sunshine of Your Love/14 Born Under a Bad Sign/15 Crossroads


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