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Friday, February 5, 2016

A couple of Hole bootlegs I just discovered

These are new to me at least, and I have quite a stack of Hole boots (posted them long time ago, LONG time), but had never heard these until I tripped over them on one of my surfing expeditions. I love finding stuff like this, discovering a new boot from an old favorite band of mind (and make no mistake Hole was a GREAT fucking band for a while, Courtney Love has always been an easy target due to her, uh, "antics", but for my dollar she was talented as all hell, and an amazing live performer as well (never forget her launching herself into the crowd at Columbus Newport Theater in 1993, wish I WOULDA been down on the floor for that one, oh well.

OK, sorry this is FLAC, but this is a fine 1993 set, "Courtney Act",  taken from various locales. Much of the material that would become the classic "Live Through This" is here, "Violet", "Gutless", "She Walks Over Me", fine covers of Nirvana's "Pennyroyal Tea", Echo & the Bunnymen's "Do It Clean", and even "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"......been listening to this one a good bit the past couple of days, it's kind of a patch job but I think a cool discovery (discovery for ME at least, I hope for you as well)

I FLAC, as well, from 1995 comes a good sounding FM broadcast, "Vengeance Is Mine", which combines sets from the 8/20/95 Reading Festival, and a show from 5/4/95 at the Brixton Academy........this is the band right at their peak, the closing "Asking For It" is stunning, I have always thought that the "live through this" lyric took on different meaning after Kurt's passing, an already stunning song took on a whole new dimension.

Love Hole, always did, always will, maybe this is stuff you guys had already, but hell I'M excited, like I always am when I trip over something like this.........Hole is one of the 25-30 bands that I can honestly say I was a "FAN", rather than just someone who enjoyed them.......coming from me, that is a compliment to the maximum.

Enjoy and please comment, and for God's sake if there are any more of these Hole rarity collections out there (ones I don't have of course), trot them boys out! Hole forever!

COURTNEY ACT-01 Beautiful Son/02 Credit in the Straight World/03 Teenage Whore/04 Do it Clean/05
Pennyroyal Tea (Tracks 1-5 from Phoenix Festival 7/16/93)/06 Olympia/07 She Walks On Me/08 The Void/09 P-Girl/10 Old Age/11 Gutless (Tracks 6-11 Studio Sessions Maida Vale, London, March 1993)/12 Over the Edge (Studio Take, March 1992)/13 Violet/14 Chocolate Boy/Forming /15 Drown Soda/16 Doll Parts (Tracks 13-16 Peel Session November 1991)17 Dicknail/18 Burn Black (Tracks 17-18 Studio takes, Seattle, October 1990)/19 Turpentine/20 Retard Girl/21 Phonebill Song (Tracks 19-21 Studio Takes, Los Angeles March 1990/22 Where Did you Sleep Last Night?( The Rat, Boston, 7/11/91) /23 Skinhead Girl (London 7/15/93)

VENGEANCE IS MINE-01 Plump/02 Miss World/03 Sugar Coma/04 Credit In the Straight World/05 Whose Porno You Burn/06 Doll Parts/07 Violet/08 Time To Kill (Tracks 1-8 from Reading Festival 8/25/95)/09 He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)/10 Doll Parts/11 Violet (Tracks 9-11 Later Studios London 5/13/95)/12 Plump/13 Beautiful Son/14 Drown Soda/15 Gutless/16 Best Sunday Dress/17 Credit In the Straight World/18 Doll parts/19 Violet/(Tracks 12-19 Brixton Academy, London, 5/4/95) 20 Asking For It (Track 20 from Reading 1995, it also appears on the "My Body the Hand Grenade" boot)

Track 19 ("Violet") unfortunately has a recording glitch, rendering it pretty useless which is a damn shame because the track was SMOKING up till the problem.








  3. Any chance of a re-up of "Courtney Act"?