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Monday, February 8, 2016

Sorry I HAD to post this

I know, we have been/are in the midst of several larger, more ambitious posts of late......Hunter
Thompson, "Louie Louie", the Beatles stuff, and there is more to come, trust friend Dan from Chicago sent me these via Facebook and I think they will amuse more than a couple of ya. It's a couple of You Tube clips that are freaking me the hell out, if you are a fan of Joy Division, especially, do not miss this....if you are a lot younger than me this may not click with you but if you had a small child in the late 1990's this will freak ya I promise!

Just a little something to give maybe a couple of you an unpleasant night's sleep, that stuff was living HELL to sit through back then, this makes it, well, just fucking creepy and fucking HILARIOUS!

BTW look for Hunter S Thompson Part 2 here in a few hours!

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