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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Heavy Eyes

I doubt, unless you are a total loser, you would care much if I put up another recent slab of awesome stoner rock, God knows the world can never have too much of THAT......what we have here is an album of fairly recent vintage, (2015), "He Dreams of Lions"......from Memphis, of all places, hardly a Mecca of stoner rock, this slab is nothing BUT kick rock undertones blended with hard riffing, free wheeling stoner rock greatness, this is one you won't want to miss (where are you Mark Eveliegh? couple stoner posts for you tonight.....hope you are doing well my brother, and I know I've been slacking a bit on the stoner rock in lieu of he variety for which I am so well known, but, trust me to all stoner rock lovers, you are gonna dig this one.......fine, fine album, that will likely get buried under the landslide that is history. Don't miss!

HE DREAMS OF LIONS-Shadow Shaker/02 Saint/ 03 Z-Bo/04 Old Saltillo Road/05 He Dreams of Lions/06 Hail to the King, Baby/07 Smoke Signals/08 The Fool/09 Somniloquy/10 Littlefinger/11 Modern Shells

A good album for lovers of stoner rock (like ME), you will not be disappointed.....the title track in particular rocks the yard!

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