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Monday, February 1, 2016

Throbbing Gristle

A huge fave of mine for a while, ca. late 1970's, early 1980's.......if you are a fan of "so called" industrial rock, this here is the real McCoy, not kidding......Throbbing Gristle were Genesis P-Orridge (bass, violin, vocals, vibraphone), Cosey Fanni Tutti (guitars, cornette, vocals), Pete "Sleaezy" Christopherson (tapes, found sounds, horns, piano, vibraphone, synths), and Chris Carter (of course not the Vikings great, I HAD to say that of course!) on synths, tapes, and electronics.....

These guys turned out a few albums of great, scary, dark, bleak, REAL "industrial" music, and had a profound influence on a lot of more modern stuff.......the albums are GREAT, they also released a BUNCH of other stuff ( I seem to recall they released a set of something like 50 cassette tapes packaged in a suitcase, never knew anyone who bought one, but if ANYONE who DOES own that artifact reads this, please please please share it, it would be totally unique and great to post here in my opinion)........

So anyway, this stuff is the shit.......I have only their "commercial" albums here, starting with 1977's "Second Annual Report".......this is a mishmash, three versions of "Slug Bait", as well as four versions of "Maggot Death", don't be disuaded......this is a classic of bleak, grim, industrial music, I love it and I think many of you may as well.

Next up is (IMO) the essential masterwork "DOA: The Third Annual Report"......its the definitive album of the genre/era......there is freakish shit all over this disc, but "Hamburger Lady" is one of the most horrifying songs ever committed to vinyl in my estimation, totally unsettling, unnerving, and just plain horrifying..........enjoy!  To take that as the entire picture though, would be a mistake, this is a great, definitivie album of its era, DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS.......period.

Next (1979) they came up with the ironically titled "Twenty Jazz Funk Greats", this is also a five star classic, plesae do not miss if unfamiliar......I realize this is not for everyone, but if you are a novice, PLEASE don't overlook this stuff, it is totally fucking great....there have been many bands that were underappreciated in their time, and then forgotten about after thier time, that is Throbbing Gristle to a "T"

Brian sent me a link for a boot that he found on someone else's site, but my stupid/drunken ass couldn't figure out how to find the link, so maybe (or maybe not) it will come along later.....other than that, I happen to have a 2001 release of 1975 music "The First Annual Report", which contains the legendary near-20 minute version of "Very Friendly" among other great shit.....

OK, certainly NOT for everyone......I love this shit, as do some others......variety, folks, variety......come on, Polish metal followed up by this? At least I TRY to keep it varied (and with the help of the rest of my team, I think we do the bst job of ANYONE with that).......let me know what you think of these Throbbing Gristle discs......they are fab, they are CLASSICS, and you just MAY NOT have heard them before........I hope you enjoy them, and if ANY ONE OF YOU has that 50-or-so-cassette tapes thing, and can convert it to digital, PLEASE bring it on, it'll be an amazing post.

SECOND ANNUAL REPORT-01 Industrial Introdutctuion/02 Slug Bait (ICA)/03 Slug Bait Live at Southhampton/ 04 Slug Bait Live at Brighton/05 Maggot Death Live at Rat Club/06 Maggot Death (studio)/07 Magagot Death (Southhampton)/08 Maggot Death (Brighton)/09 After Cease to Exist/10 Zyklon B Zombie/11 United

DOA-THE THIRD AND FINAL REPORT-01 IBM/02 Hit By A Rock/03 United/04 Valley of the Shadow of Death/05 Dead On Arrival/06 Weeping/07 Hamburger Lady/08 Hometime/09 AB 7A/10 E-Coli/11 Death Threats/12 Wall of Sound/13 Blood On the Floor/14 Five Knuckle Shuffle/15 We Hate You (Little Girls)

20 JAZZ FUNK GREATS-01 20 Jazz Funk Greats/02 Beachy Head/03 Still Walking/04 Tanith/05 Convincing People/06 Exotica/07 Hot on the Heels of Love/08 Persuassion/09 Walkabout/10 What a Day/11 Six Six Sixties/12 Discipline (Berlin)/13 Discipline (Manchester)

THE FIRST ANNUAL REPORT-01 Very Friendly/02 Dead Bait/03 10 Pence/04 Whorle of Sound/05 Final Muzak/06 Scars of E

In my opinion, one of the most influentutial AND under appreciatd bands that ever laid tracks down.....everything here is great, great great.......I hope some of you come through with some rarities or boots or something, I'm still working on the one Brian sent me (If I figure it out I will add it for sure), but lemme tell ya.........this is fucking GREAT shit, if you love, say, Nine Inch nails, as an example, you will never forgive yourself if you miss out on THIS one.


  1. Second Annual Report

    DOA Third Annual Report

    20 Jazz funk greats

    First Annual Report

  2. Hey Big Scott! The contents of 24 Hours, the box set of 24 one hour cassettes of live TG are available over at ubuweb -

    1. Thanks man, would THAT be a unique post or what?

  3. Hey Big Scott- The 24-hour post is also on the DIE or D.I.Y music blog at It was limited to 50 copies.

  4. I couldn't get the web download to work, I hope I can get this one to.......I think that would be a BAD ASS post!

  5. Scott, I never would have guessed you are a TG fan. You really do have diverse tastes!

  6. Loved TG. Thanks for this Scott. I went to a few of their earlier gigs including the infamous Centro Iberico concert in an abandoned anarchist school in London, where they played at 3pm on a very wintry Sunday afternoon. Life changing stuff. The 24 hour tapes of their shows are fascinating. At the end of the CI tape you can hear Gen asking the audience if they'd like the film run again. This film was 'After Cease to Exist' complete with disturbing castration scene. I chose not to stick around for the second run - once was enough!

  7. Thanks for posting for the uninitiated 😃‼️

  8. Loads of TG here: