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Friday, February 26, 2016

This is so Cool....Brain Pyramid redux

My last post was a great album by French stoner crew "Brain Pyramid", at the end of which I asked,
nonchalantly, if anyone had any of their remaining material....I really wasn't expecting a response (although stoner rock fans have surprised me from time to time.....I'll never forget picking up that last "500 Feet of Pipe" album in much the same manner).......John N, who must have every CD ever recorded (coming from ME? saying SOMETHING at least) happens to have the remainder of thier work, other than a split EP.....and the album I posted previously was EXTREMELY well recieved (I will be happy if my core audience remains the stoner rock crowd, an underappreciated genre which I think in 20 years will be viewed much the same as we view legendary hard/heavy psych from the early 70's today).

OK, have NOT had time to listen to these yet, I'm having trouble with my arm (don't ask, at least I get pain meds) have rarely been so surprised by someone coming through so quickly with one of my oddball THANKS John N, link-king, you are THE man on this one.

MAGIC CARPET RIDE (2013)-01 Bad Luck/02 Stone Woman Blues/03 Mary Jane Blues/04 Cosmic 1000 Years/05 Electric Spell

CHASMA HIDEOUT (2014)-01 Living in the Outer Space/02 Lazy/03 landing on the Pyramind/04 Lucifer/05 Twin Headed Giant/06 Into the Lightspeed/07 Chasma Hideout

Fantastic share, PLEASE keep up the fine work and generosity Jon N!


  1. MAGIC


  2. Can you re-up these links? Thx