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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Koala

I have the Hunter S Thompson post (part 2) ready to go, but the ever-hard working Brian has some MORE
(!) material to add to it, so we'll hold off until tomorrow before posting that one (it's been one of my favorite posts ever, and we want to make it as good and comprehensive as we possibly, anyway, it's been maybe a while since I posted up one of those hard-psych obscurities that are so much my passion, and this is a good one, too, if you are unfamiliar, I HIGHLY recommend this one

The Koala released but this one album, yet ANOTHER album from that era which was so far ahead of its time that it was ignored, and 40-plus years later it sounds like a lost classic (which it is).....The Koala were singer Jose Mala, guitarist Louis Cane, guitarist Joe Guido, bassist  Anthony Wesley, and drummer Joe Alexander. They hailed from New York, and put out this one KILLER slab in 1968. (FYI Mala would later end up making an appearance with the Joe Perry Project, kind of a semi-personal fave of mine).

Take all the good elements of the best of music of that era and throw them in a blender.......take primitive Stones/Who rythms, snarling vocals ala maybe Syndicate of Sound, all held together with some of the nastiest fuzz guitar this side of the Seeds.......the result is this one, imo one that anyone who shares my particular love of this kind of thing should consider essential.

"Poppa Duke Tyler", borrows its subject matter, obviously, from the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby", and it is a fuzzed-up A-1 raver......"Look At the Way She Comes" is a great one, "Strange Feelings" is a frantic raved up punk scream, with a surprise insert of some Eastern/Indian/raga, yet another hallmark of so much of the great psych of this era.......what can I say? I have loved this album since the first time I heard it, which was likely 10 years after it came out...I think I used to have a vinyl copy, but at least I cannot find the CD rip of it, so I'll borrow an MP3 version of it........

THIS is one you don't want to miss.....If you, like me, LLLLLOOOOVVVEEEE the obscure hard psych/punk of thte late 60's/early 70's, (stuff like Dark, Stray Dog, BF Trike, Sir Lord Baltimore, Dust,  and on and on), this is one you don't want to ever be without........crank this one up loud, it's fantastic!

THE KOALA-01 Don't You Know What I Mean?/02 Look at the Way She Comes/03 Poor Discarded Baby/04 Nothing's Changed/05 She's a Lady/06 Colours of Our Rainbow/07 Poppa Duke Tyler/08 Strange Feelings/09 Elizabeth/10 You Say/11 Yesterday's Rain/12 Lady Dressed In White/13 Scattered Children's Toys

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