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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Continuing to take advantage of John N's generosity, great BB King

John N has sent me more links than I could post in a lifetime, some of which I have no idea as to what they even are, and some of which are so phenominal (he's the source of the recent Yo La Tengo and Brian Jonestown Massacre onslaughts)... I love when people send me stuff, and this guy has been nothing if not generous with his shares.... anyway, I think this will appeal to some of you folks here, after all, who the fuck doesn't love some BB King?.... MY go-to blues man is Buddy Guy, but, hell, the recently deceased BB King is not a fucking joke either.

John N sends us an incredible 5-disc (!) box set of BB's singles, A sides AND B sides, covering the era of 1949-62 (62 was the year I was BORN, proof positive that music did not suddenly get "good" the day I was born, as so many of us take a natural human nature course into believing.

This set was released in 2015 in honor of the passing of the great Mr. King, who, imo, along with Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Leadbelly, and a handful of others had FAR more influence on a lot of the rock n roll that I love, than, say, someone like Elvis Presley or Chuck Berry, for example, who get so much credit, relative, at least, to the blues masters I've listed.

Anyway, this is a great set, checked it out today.......awesome, awesome collection, thanks so much to John N from Los Angeles (hell I won't even hold THAT against him, given the fab links he's sent me) for's simply TOO FUCKING GREAT and would likely cost you a hundred bucks or so should you attempt to purchase it.........we're providing it to ya for free, and you will FUCKING LOVE THIS ONE!

DISC 1-01 Miss Martha King/02 When Your Baby Packs Up and Goes/03 I Got the Blues/04 Take a
Swing With Me/05 Mistreated Woman/06 BB Boogie/07 The Other Night Blues/08 Walkin and Cryin/09 My Baby's Gone/10 Don't You Want a man Like Me/11 BB Blues/12 She's Dynamite/13 She's a Mean Woman/14 hard Working Woman/15 Three O Clock Blues/16 That Aint the Way To Do It/17 Fine Lookin Woman/18 She Don't Move Me Anymore/19 Shake It Up and Go/20 My Own Fault, Darling/21 Gotta Find My Baby/22 Someday, Somewhere/23 You Knew I Loved You/24 You Didn't Want Me/25 Story From My Heart and Soul

DISC 2-01 Boogie Woogie Woman/02 Woke Up This Morning/03 Don't Have to Cry/04 Please Love Me/05 Highway Bound/06 Please Hurry Home/07 Neighborhood Affair/08 Why Did You Leave Me/09 Blind Love/10 Praying to the Lord/11 Please help Me/12 Love Me baby/13 The Woman I Love/14 Everything I Do Is Wrong/15 Don't You Want A Man Like Me/16 When My heart Beats Like a Hammer/17 Bye Bye Baby/18 You Upset Me/19 Whole Lotta Love/20 Everyday I Have the Blues/21 Sneakin Around/22 Jump With You Baby/23 Lonely and Blue/24 Shut Your Mouth/25 I'm In Love

DISC 3-01 Boogie Rock/02 Talkin the Blues/03 Ten Long Years/04 What Can i Do/05 I'm Cracking Up Over You/06 Ruby Lee/07 Crying Won't Help You/08 Can't We Talk It Over/09 Sixteen Tons/10 Did You Ever Love a Woman/11 Let's Do the Boogie/12 Dark is the Night (Part 1)/13 Dark Is the Night (Part 2)/14 Bad Luck/15 Sweet Little Angel/16 On My Word Of Honor/17 Bim Bam/18 Early In the Morning/19 You Don't Know/20 How Do I Love You/21 You Can't Fool My Heart/22 I Want To Get Married/23 Troubles, Troubles/24 Quit My Baby/25 Be Careful With a Fool

DISC 4-01 I Wonder/02 I Need You So Bad/03 The Key To My Kingdom/04 My Heart Belongs To Only
You/05 You Know I Go For You/06 Why Do Everything Happen To Me/07 Days of Old/08 Don't Look Now, But You've Got the Blues/09 Please Accept My Love/10 You've Been an Angel/11 Worry Worry/12 I Am/13 The Fool/14 Come by Here/15 A Lonely Lover's Plea/16 Woman I Love/17 Time To Say Goodbye/18 Every Day I Have the Blues/19 Sugar Mama/20 Mean Old Frisco/21 Sweet Sixteen (Parts 1&2)/22 Got a Right To Love My Baby/23 My Own Fault/24 Partin Time/25 Good man Gone bad

DISC 5-01 Walking Dr. Bill/02 You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now/03 Thing Are Not the Same/04 Fishin After Me/05 Bad Luck Soul/06 Get Out of Here/07 Hold That Train/08 Understand/09 Peace of Mind/10 Someday/11 You're Breakin My Heart/12 Bad Case of Love/13 My Sometime Baby/14 Lonely/15 Gonna Miss You Around Here/16 Hully Gully Twist/17 3 O'Clock Stomp/18 Mashed Potato Twist/19 Mashing the Popeye/20 Tell Me baby/21 Going Down Slow/22 Your Letter/23 Blues For Me

Please don't miss this one, it's too good.......don't notify me two years from now that you want me to reup this, I swear to God I will do nothing but make fun of you.....THIS IS A GREAT ONE, thanks to John N for it, and TRUST ME this time, you are going to LOVE this masterful collection.


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