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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How about yet MORE Brian Jonestown Massacre stuff? (Part 3)

A bunch more stuff compliments of John, who seems to have nearly every recorded piece of music ever created? well, here comes SOME MORE BJTM stuff, how can so much even exist? But good stuff coming up:

First we'll touch upon from 2014, "The 2014 -  + - EP", four new ones from a band that was never shy abut cranking them out..

01 Heat/02 Everything Was Very Simple/03 Reconstruction/04 Leave It Alone

"Revelation" came along the same year, a large collection of varying quaility.
01 Vad Hal nde Med Dem/03What You Isnt/03 Unknown/04 Memory Camp/05 Days Weeks and Moths/06 Duck and Cover/07 Food For Clouds/08 Second Sightning/09 Memorymix/ 10 FistFull of Bees/11 Xilbalba/12 Goodbye (Butterfly)

Finally up for this eve is something entitled the "Mini Album Thingy Wingy", nearly a thing u can is these lads can crank it out!
1 Pish/02 Prsi Prsi/03 Get Some/04 Dust/05 Leave It Alone/06 Mandrake Handshake/07 Here Comes the Waiting For the Sun

Again thanks to John for these and all the rest of stuff he's generously submitted!




    -+- EP

  2. Great blog! Keep'em coming!

  3. BJM's your side of our story and pol pot's pleasure please!