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Monday, February 22, 2016

Los Microwaves

I had forgotten all about this one, my brother mentioned it a couple days ago, I drug it out and damn it still sounds good......the only album released by San Francisco's Los Microwaves, "Life After Breakfast", is one of those early 1980's period pieces, wonderfully dated locking the listener into THE sounds of 1982......a meld of synth-punk and electronic new wave, sounding somewhat like a cross between maybe Devo and  early XTC. The trio consisted of Meg Brazil on vocals, bass, and synth; David Javelosa on synths/vocals, and Todd Rosencrans on bass and drums. Brazil's vocals may remind one, perhaps, of the B-52's Cindy Wilson, further cementing the sounds of pure, 100% early 1980's. Also, the band occasionally sings in Spanish, adding a unique touch to their generic early 80's pop sound.

This is a forgotten gem, hell, I had forgotten about it myself, but it is a dandy. If any of you oldtimers of my era have any of thier non-LP singles, how about throwing them this way, I can't recall the titles of any of them, but I do remember them being pretty stellar as well.

LIFE AFTER BREAKFAST-01 Time to Get Up/02 What's That Got to Do (With Loving You)/03 Reckless Dialogue/04 TV In My Eye/05 Home Alone/06 Forever/07 Postponed Is Not Forgotten/08 La Voix Humane/09 Coast to Coast/10 Is There Life After Breakfast/11 You Bet/12 If You Want It/13 Radio Heart



  2. This is really cool, Scott. Thanks muchly.

  3. I recall they did a single, too...