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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Here is an excellent slab of Italian stoner rock, stoner rock being something which we have had in short supply of late (VARIETY is our mantra, NEVER FORGET).......this album (2010) totally kicks ass all over the place, spacey, stoney, hard rocking shit, this is SCOTT'S kinda stuff, while I love everyone's submissions, at the end of the day, gotta say the good old stone rock n roll is what I AM all about.

Fine album for fans of the genre. Reminds me of perhaps a Hawkwind/Sheavy hybrid, should that make sense to you.... anyway, while I attempt to share music that will appeal to EVERYONE, this is the shit for ME, pretty much. If the stoner rock "trend" hadn't came into existence in the 2000's, I'd probably get out of the music thing all together and sit around, listening to my old Blue Cheer records and wondering where the good times went.

Fortunately, we got some great shit like THIS, "classics of the future" (trust me), loud, spacey, stoned out rock n roll will ALWAYS be here, at least for us stoner types!

EXTREME HEAVY PSYCH-01 Psych No. 1/02 Black Wizard/03 Life and Death/04 Drowning Deeply/05 R n R gate/06 Holy Weed of the Cosmos/07 From the Black to the Rainbow/08 Victims of the Cast

This is a tremendous album, stellar from start to end...... the finale, "Victims of the Cast", is really some doPE fucking shit, but I'll not sell the rest of THIS overlooked gem.... this is a fine album...... DO NOT miss it..... BigScott62 does NOT sell you guys wrong, in particular when it comes to stoner rock, which I FUCKING LOVE!



  2. I think it's this is The Heavy Eyes link. Consistently great posts, btw.

  3. Our Unknown friend is correct......

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    Name: THE HEAVY EYES - He Dreams of Lions (2015).rar
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