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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Brain Pyramid

With all of the wonderful, versatile guest material I've been putting up of late (which I LOVE to do), I sometime forget my true loves, notably, heavy psych/stoner rock (of course I put up a couple of them last night, trying to contribute albums from both Blackland and Heavy Eyes, I fucked up the links somehow (They ARE fixed now) like a TRUE stoner, anyway, I hope you all be diggin the shit like Throbbing Gristle and tonights massive BB King onslaught, but I always want to be sure tha every now and then I continue to slip in some of that great stoner/heavy psych rock from around the globe that I truly love so much.

Brain Pyramid are from France, a trio consisting of drummer Baptiste Gautier-Lorenzo, guitarist Gaston Laine, and bassist  Paul Arends. This album, a 2015 release entitled "Magnetosphere" is everything you want in a stoner rock semi-classic, long, spacey tracks, hard edged heavy psych attitude.......the stuff I love, think of a French Fu Manchu or Kyuss........excellent shit. They have a couple of other releases, a few EP's, and maybe another full length, for the life of me I can't find em anywhere, so if any of YOU wonderful stoner rock fans happen to have any of this stuff laying around, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share it, it's one of my "most wanted's" as I think this album is a great one.....

Anyway, enjoy "Magnetosphere", it's a damn great one, and if you can help expose any more of these guys other works, please help us all out......I know I'd personally LOVE to hear them!

MAGNETOSPHERE-01 Magnetosphere/02 Solar Wind/03 Electric Spell



  2. WOW, phar out baby.

    That is wonderful.

    I would have never listened to anything by a group of grenouilles but you have educated and enriched me again.

    Gracias amigo.