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Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Random Handful of Pink Floyd Rarities

Due to the highly imaginative and experimental nature of their music, as well as their length of existence, there
are a LOT of Pink Floyd rarities out there. Some good, some bad, I have just a few of mine here, they tend to get redundant after a while......I think I once posted the Syd Barrett albums once, if not, I should have,they are quite good......but I'm going to focus on just four Floyd discs here (5 technically due to one being a double disc set).......haven't turned myself onto any Floyd in a while, although I do love a lot of their work......Pink Floyd was a band that literally NEVER threw an idea away, and that leads to both some incredibly imaginative epics, as well as some spectacular failures.

The first album I'm going to put up here is "1965 The First Recordings".....not a lot of totally notable stuff here, but some good stuff written by Barrett, and, to me, the highlight being "Walk With Me Sydney", written by Roger Waters, with a fine vocal from female guest Juliette Gale......not essential, highly interesting though as a look at the sseeds that would eventually become the early Floyd albums.

"Dark Side of the Moon", in general, is considered thier magnum opus (I prefer "Animals"), and there are several live recordings out there of the entire set. I didn't catch them on that tour (I DID see them on the "Animals" tour, and, oddly, have no recordings of that tour)......anyway, I have a couple performances of "Dark Side" here, the first from 1974, a fairly straightforward BBC's good, as is the studio effort, with a surprise version (good one too) of "Echoes" added at the end.

A little more elaborate is a 2-disc set from 1973 at Earl's Court in London......this is not specifically a "Dark Side" performance, in fact the first disc avoids it, giving us earlier classics ("Careful With That Axe, Eugene", a fave of mine, "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun", "Echoes", is the second disc on which they breeze through "Dark Side", a somewhat tighter set (argueably) to the BBC set, with a nice encore of "One of these Days"......this is a good double disc, IMO. 

Finally, we have a 2014 release, "Secret Rarities".....full of demos and outtakes, odd and NOT essential, strangest (to me) being two demo versions of "Like a Rolling Stone"......lots of interesting moments, for fanatics/completists.......

I thought the Floyd might be a nice breather from all the Throbbing Gristle (there is MORE to come, beleive it or not), so let's mellow down for a minute and enjoy these raritites.....and if anyone has any live recordings of the "Animals" shows, love to hear general I'll pass on "The Wall", though, the most over-played/over performed album in the history of music. 

1965 FIRST RECORDINGS-01 Lucy Leave/02 Double O Bo/03 Remember Me/04 Walk With me Sydney/05 Butterfly/06 I'm a King Bee

1974 BBC LIVE-DARK SIDE OF THE MOON-01 Speak To me/02 Breathe/03 On the Run/04 Time/05 The Great Gig In the Sky/06 Money/07 Us and Them/08 Any Colour You Like/09 Brain Damage/10 Eclipse/11 Echoes

EARLS COURT 5/19/73 DISC 1-01 Obscurred By Clouds/02 When You're In/03 Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun/04 Careful With That Axe, Eugene/05 Echoes

EARLS COURT 5/19/73 DISC 2-01 Speak To Me/02 Breathe/03 On the Run/04 Time/05 Breathe (reprise)/06 The Great Gig In the Sky/07 Money/08 Us And Them/09 Any Colour You Like/10 Brain Damage/11 Brain Damage/12 Eclipse/12 One of These Days

SECRET RARITIES-01 Like a Rolling Stone (David Gilmour 1983 demo)/02 Like a Rolling Stone (David Gilmour 1983 demo, FM Source)/03 Learning to Fly (John Carin demo 1986)/04 Learning to Fly (John Carin demo 1986 FM Source)/05 The Dogs of War (1986 demo)/06 Signs of Life (Outtake 1986)/07 Untitled #1 (demo 1993)/08 Untitled #2 (demo 1993)/09 Untitled #3 (demo 1993)/10 Untitled #4 (demo 1993)/11 Untitled #1 (Outtake 1993)/12 Wearing the Inside Out (outtake 1993)/13 Cluster One (outtake 1993)/14 Marooned (Outtake 1993)........please note my copy of this disc was originally created from FLAC files and this upload remains in that format.




    EARLS D1

    EARLS D2


  2. COMPLETELY agree about "The Wall." And "Animals" remains my favorite. Thanks for all this good stuff.

  3. "The Wall" 's my wife her favorite, and she's right of course. Myself, I have a soft spot to listen to the following two in a row: Meddle - Wet Dream (R. Wright). Wish You Were Here I like musically, but the Barrett-connotation scam - I'll pass on that one, still makes me uneasy. He was after all at Abbey Road trying to record a third album, so he was there. Unearthing the "lost" '65 tapes is typically PF: a not so sympathetic "bollocks to you" at their fans - not the first time anyway. Shame, as they made some terrific records.