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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Gift for my friend Brian, The Litter!

My main man Brian, as is his custom, recently presented three more slabs o brilliance, I base this off the fact
that he used a Litter cover, and was unfamilar with the,......hey man, there's a LOT of stuff out there, always has been, and to hip someone to something good, with which they were unfamiliar previously, THAT IS WHY we do's a great feeling, back in MY day (1970's) that great feeling came from hour upon hour of going through crates of used LP's in some book store or something.......once in a while though......."Forever Changes" for $1?......"Kick Out the Jams" for $2? and, say, "Distortions", by the Litter, for maybe a buck I think? Those were thrilling moments, back then, and the thrilling moments come now via Internet, which as I've said before, should we all participate, and do it CORRECTLY, each and everyone of us SHOULD have his/her PERFECT music collection. And what could possibly be better?

The Litter......OK, the Litter, a band I've always loved........born in Minneapolis in the mid-60's .....they were a fab punk/psych/garage band, known mostly for thier classic single "Action Woman", a fave of mine,but there is a LOT more here. The debut "Distortions" is a snarling masterpiece,  although (as was kind of the MO in that era) the album is stacked with a ton of covers.....sometimes this worked out, other times, it just seemed like an effort to fill out the album.......interesting stuff though, and no one should be without "Action Woman"!

Thier second disc, "$100 Fine", is a better overall effort, nothing as stunning as "Action Woman", but a great disc of that late 60's/early 70's unmatchable hard-psych scene.......

By the way, The Litter were guitarist singer Dan Rinaldi (passed away in 2015), Bassist/synth man Jim Kane, drummer Tom Murray,lead guitarist Bill Strandlof......somewhat underappreciated I believe, both of these albums are wonderful period pieces (and you know, as ALWAYS, I mean this as a total compliment)......"$100 Fine" appears in an expanded version with lots of extra goodies, should let you see pretty much the entire picture........

So this is for Brian, AND for the rest of ya......if a band's name comes into your sightlines, and you are not familiar, just ASK the team here, likely ONE of us can find something to get you hooked up/educated. Try these out....I know Brian will like them (at least i think he will), but if there are any otherfans of 60's psych/hard garage punk, who are not familiar with the Litter, I recommend this to you, even MORE than highly!

DISTORTIONS-01 Action Woman/02 Whatcha Gonna Do About It/03 Codine/04 Somebody Help Me/05 Substitue/06 The Mummy/07 I'm So Glad/08 A Legal matter/09 Rack my mind/10 Soul-Searchin/11 I'm a Man/12 Hey joe/13 harpsichord Sonata #1/14 (Remaining tracks live at the Electric Theater 8/18/68)
Here I Go Again/15 The Egyptian/16 (Under the Screaming Double) Eagle/17 Confessions (Of a Traveller Through Time)/ 18 Blues One/19 She's Not There

$100 FINE-01 Mindbreaker/02 Tallyman/03 Here I Go Again/04 Morning Sun/05 (Under the Screaming
Double) Eagle/06 Aplogies to 2069/07 Kaleidoscope/08 Blues One/09 She's Not There/10 Angelica/11 For All The Times I'm Happy (Version 1)/12 Where Is She Now/13 I Can't Forget You/14 I'm Really Not Used (To being Treated Bad)/15 I Love My love/16 Oh, So Sad/17 I Lost ANother Girl Today (Version 1)/18 Second hand Woman/19 Only love/20 He Couldn't Find One Anywhere/21 I'll Never Love Again/22 Let Me Feel it Too/23 Candy/24 (Because) I Need Somebody (To Love)/25 (Because) I'm Taking All Your happiness/26 For All The Times I'm Happy (Versoion 2)/27 I lost Another Girl Today (version 2)/28 He Couldn't Find One Anywhere (Instro).......

For all of our readers, hope you enjoy this if it's not one with which you are already hip to........Im just joking with Brian about being unaware of these albums, hell you can't hear EVERYTHING, but to ANY OF YOU GUYS: Like psych, garage/punk rock from the late 60's? Well, DO YA? If not, why are you here?anyway, these slabs are great, and esssential for folks like this kinda stuff.......

"Gotta have an action woman, to love me all the time......."

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