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Tuesday, February 2, 2016


This is a very comprehensive (perhaps excessively so) collection of singles from the underappreciated/ somewhat overlooked glitter/glam band MUD... from the fertile UK glam scene of the early mid 1970's, MUD were a sort of T Rex/Sweet type of outfit, that specialized in the type of short, poppish/guitar slammers that made the glam scene what it was..... rarely discussed stateside, even I forgot about them when unleashing that glam flood back around the time of Bowie's passing... however, this is quite worthwhile if you are uninitiated.

MUD were basically singer Les Gray, drummer Dave Mount, bassist Ray Stiles, and guitarist Rob Davis......the cranked out some singles that did quite well in the UK, notably "Dyna-Mite", "Tiger Feet", and "The Cat Crept In".......there are a LOT more like these, as these guys were pretty strictly a singles act, one COULD make the case that a two disc comp is a bit much, but, as stated before, at the very least it IS comprehensive......the band had a knack for doing some fairly lame cover versions at times, the versions here of  "Drift Away" and "Lean On Me" are pretty lame, although they could, with the right material, knock one out ("Oh Boy!", notably)....these guys plugged on until 1978, or so, by which time glam rock was dinosauric, but they were harmless fun, and if you listen to this and pare it down to a single disc of the tracks you like, you'll have a 1970's UK glam rock gem!

MUD-THE SINGLES '67-'78 DISC 1-01 Tiger Feet/02 The Cat Crept In/03 Dyna-Mite/04 Rocket/05 L'L'Lucy/06 Nite on the Tiles/07 Moonshine Sally/08 Hypnosis/09 Crazy/10 The Secrets That You Keep/11 Oh Boy!/12 One Night (With You)/13 Hula Love/14 Living Doll/15 Let's Have A Party/16
In the Mood/17 Show Me Your a Woman/18 Shake It Down/19 Lean On Me/20 Beating Around the Bush/21 Slow talking Boy/22 Lonely This Christmas

MUD-THE SINGLES '67-'78 DISC 2-01 Just Try a Little Tenderness/02 Cut Across Shorty/03 Drift Away/04 Medley: Dynamite/The Cat Crept In/Tiger Feet/05 Do You Love Me/06 Do It All Over Again/07 Watching the Clock/08 Bye Bye Johnny/09 Shake Rattle and Roll/10 Blue Moon/11 The Ladies/12 I Can't Stand It/13 Still Watching the Clock/14 Last Tango in London/15 Mr. Bagatelle/16 Morning/17 I love How To Love Me/18 Flower Power/19 You're My Mother/20 Up the Airy Mountain/21 The Latter Days/22 Shangri La/23 House on the Hill/24 Jumping Jehosephat/25 Won't Let It Go

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