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Friday, May 19, 2017


Fabio sends us album #2, "Primitive Man", from Australian synth-popsters Icehouse (1982)...I remember them quite well as one of the original MTV bands, bands that were broken almost purely due to video on that network.....I'm quite familiar with their debut album but never heard this one.....thanks for a nostalgic twist on things today Fabio!!7BIHjKxY!Dne_sM4YG472mJj8QMm2uA


01 Uniform.m4a
02 Street Cafe.m4a
03 Hey Little Girl.m4a
04 Glam.m4a
05 Great Southern Land.m4a
06 Trojan Blue.m4a
07 Love In Motion.m4a
08 Mysterious Thing.m4a
09 One By One.m4a
10 Goodnight, Mr. Matthews.m4a

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