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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Studkid sends some cool Bandcamp links

Scott: I LOVE free bandcamp links, again, artists who GET IT.....I WANT to spread the sounds of the up-and-comers, please, I welcome all rock bands to submit their bandcamp links here!

Studkid:  Time for some free Bandcamp:

Aloha Mr.Hand - Hipster Killer:

Oohh. I love this simple raw primal guitar riffs, like in 70' hard rock/doom.

Some fantastic heavy psych/doom. 3 records for grabs.

White Orange and Black Pussy:

They are almost the same band (three members). Both bands plays  a kind of heavy psych.

Black Pussy's latest is not for free


  1. Black Pussy rotate in my playlist since their 1st EP... Great Band IMO.
    Aloha Mr. Hand -> GREAT DISCOVER!


  3. Ha why does that first riff in hipster killer remind me of Fu Manchu? Good stuff studkid