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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Buddy Guy 1968 Blues Festival

Someone asked for some older Buddy Guy, I think this is the oldest that I have.....a good set from the 1968 Blues Festival.......pretty good sound, and the usual stunning Guy persona live......thanks again to Lewwd for this and all the other bootleg gems you've sent me!

1968 BLUES FESTIVAL-01 Wee Wee Baby/02 Sitting and Thinking/03 Worried Blues/04 Bring it On Home/05 Sugar Mama/06 Clouds in my Heart/07 May I have a Talk With You/08 Got My Mojo Workin/09 Don't Know Which Way To Go/10 Nineteen Years Old


  1. glad folks are enjoying them...lmk when you need some other bands/artists

  2. Oh yeah! Thanks a bunch, Lewwd and Scott!