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Friday, May 26, 2017

An older UK band

It was 50 years ago today, some fucker taught this band to play..........this band came from England and they made a few albums.......this one was famous in it's day, can't recall the title, but it has some memorable tunes, remixed and demo'd here........if you can think of the bands name, don't tell anyone, it's the Quarrymen.

AN OLDER UK BAND-DELUXE REISSUE-Can't Find a track list!

Buried under other posts for no reason whatsoever.....don't even take a chance and worry about what this link opens, move along nothing to see here.........

Part 1

Part 2

ADDENDUM! Believe it or not, someone (one of the band's relatives I wager) heard this and created a FOUR disc special out of it.....remixes, demos, alternates, you name it.......I still dont think they'll ever make it, but just in case links are in comments.


  1. Part 1 doesn't seem to extract correctly.

  2. If you open the two parts at the same time they extract. I use Winrar.

  3. Thanks I have been trying to plug in passwords

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  5. Thx! Nice to give exposure to young new bands just starting out!

  6. scott millerMay 30, 2017 at 2:20 PM
    discs 1&2 part 1

    discs 1&2 part 2

    discs 3/4 part 1

    disc 3/4 part 2