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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mega Sons of Garage Fuzz Part 17

Here is a huge volume of non-layup rarities of 60's garage fuzz, again important to note that there is no
overlap with the first "Garage Fuzz" series......letter "S" is a huge sprawling letter, over 60 track here! Thanks to James for his original creations of these amazingly great torrents......

VOLUME 17-01 SJ & THE CROSSROADS-Ooh Poo Pa Do/02 SAINTS & SINNERS-Mercy Mercy/03 SANGRE MEXICANA-Good Cause/04 SCOUNDRELS-Up There/05 SEEDS-A Thousand Shadows/06 SEEDS-Bad Part of Town/07 SEEDS-Satisfy You/08 SELECTIVE SERVICE-Shake/09 SESSIONS-Let Me In/10 SHADE-Big Boy Pete/11 SHADES-I Need You/12 SHADES OF GREY-Louie Go Home/13 SHADOWS-If You Love Me/14 SHADOWS-Late Night Set/15 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-I'm Gonna Make You Mine/16 SHADOWS OF TIME-Search Your Soul/17 SHAGS-I Call Your Name/18 SHAKE SPEARS-What Happened/19 SHAKLES-Whizz #7/20 SHANNON CANNON-Right Back/21 SHILLINGS-It's Up To You/22 SIDEKICKS-Not Now/23 SILK WINGED ALLIANCE-Hometown/24 SIMPLE SIMON & THE PIEMEN-People of Time/25 SINCERELY MINDFIELD-I've Gotta Get/26 SIP & SMOKE-Look What Your Love Did To Me/27 SKEPTICS-Turn it On/28 SKEPTICS-Wondering/29 SKIP ELLIS-Ice Cube Girl/30 SKOPE-From/31
SKYWALKERS-I'm Feeling So Blue/32 SLADE BROTHERS-Peace In My Mind/33 SLEEPERS-I Want a Love/34 SMOKE- Control Your Love/ 35 SMOKE-We Can Take It/36 SOMETHING WILD-Trippin' Out/37 SONS OF ADAM-Baby Stop the World/38 SONS OF ADAM-Feathered Fish/39  SONS OF ADAM-Saturday's Son/40 SONS OF ADAM-You're a Better Man Than I/41 SONS OF SOUND-He's Gonna Ride/42 SONS OF SOUND-So Be It/43 SOUL TENDERS-Somebody Help Me/44 SOUND BARRIER-(My) Baby's Gone/45 SOUND SANDWICH-Apothecary Dream/46 SPARKLINGS-Your Turn To Cry/47 SPIRIT-No Time to Rhyme/48 SPONTANEOUS GENERATION-Up in My Mind/49
ST JOHN & CREW-I'm a Man/50 STAIRWAY TO THE STARS-Dry Run/51 STANDELLS-Black Hearted Woman/52 STANDELLS-Medication/53 STARLETS-You Don't Love Me/54 STARLITES-I Can't See You/55 STATE OF MIND-Make You Cry/56 STATUS QUO-They All Want Her Love/57 STERLINGS-Thank You Babe/58 STRANGE FATE-Hold Me Babe/59 STRING & THE BEANS-When I Get That Feeling/60 STUMPS-Think of the Good Times/61 SUMPIN' ELSE-Baby You're Wrong/62 SUMPIN' ELSE- Here Comes the Hurt/63 SUNRAYS-Dont Take Yourself Too Seriously/64 SURPRISE PACKAGE-Out Of My Mind/65 SWAMP RATS- Louie Louie/66 SWAMP RATS- Psycho/67 SWEET ACIDS-That Creature/68 SWEETTARTS-So Many Times/69 SYN-Grounded

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