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Sunday, May 14, 2017


I was anonymously sent this new and tremendous release from Nutopians, "What Does the Future Sound Like?", as well as the remaining EP's from that band's legacy.......haven't heard the EP's yet, but the LP is possible year-end material......multi-textured and ambitious/unique post punk rock, I have a feeling you may want to move quickly here if you want these.....thanks to the submittor, great album.

TIME EP-01 Time/02 The Secret/03 Someday/04
Out of Touch

IS THIS WHERE THE STORY ENDS EP-01 Is this Where the Story Ends/02 The Journey/03 So Close and Yet So Far

CLAUSTROPHOBIA EP-01 Claustrophobia/02 A Life Worth Living/04 The Final Walk (Demo)

WHAT THE FUTURE SOUNDS LIKE-01 (Forward)/02 Afterlife/03 Elysium/04 The Journey/05 Dark Star/06 Out of Touch/07 Time/08 Forever and a Day/09 The Secret/10 Worlds Collide/11 Why/12 (Ascension)

1 comment:

  1. Very great Stuff! The robust kind of post-punk
    That has easy grip on my heart.