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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tame Impala

Great modern-day psychedelia from Australia sounds like Teardrop Exlopdes filtered through Love. Here
are a pair of albums, 2008's self titled effort EP and some full lengths.......basically the playground of  Kevin Parker...these are lovely retro mid-60's psych albums, highly recommended.

The first full length I have here is "Innerpeaker", from 2010.....same sound as the EP, again, retor Love-esque acid-psych with the modern eyes of Echo or Teardrop, wonderful songs.
"Lonerisnm" comes next, (FLAC), maybe not quite up to its predecessor, but still quite a good album if you go for this.....

I am missing an album, "Currents", but DO have the Rough Trade bonus disc that comes with "Lonerism", with some cool live tracks and stuff.....

Anyone (I bet someone does) have "Currents" so we can all be complete?

TAME IMPALA EP-01 Desire to Go/02 Skeleton Tiger/03 Half Full Glass of Wine/04 41 Mosquitos Flying in Formation/05 Slide Through My Fingers/06 Wander

INNERSPEAKER-01 It's Not Meant to Be/02 Desire Be Desire Go/03 Alter Ego/04 Lucidity/05 Why Won't you Make Up Your Mind/06 Solitude Is Bliss/07 Jeremy's Storm/08 Expectation/09 The Bold Arrow of Time/10 Runway Houses City Clouds/11 I Don't Really Mind/12 Island Walking

LONERISM-01 Be Above It/02 Enders Toi/03 Apocalypse dream/04 Mind Mischief/05 Music to Walk
Home By/06 Why Wont They Talk To Me/07 Feels Like We Only Go Backwards/08 Keep On Lying/09 Elephant/10 She Just Won't Believe Me/11 Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Out Of Our Control/12 Sun's coming Up

BONUS DISC-01 Apocalypse dream (live)/02 Elephant (live)/03 Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (live)/04 Elephant (Todd Rundgren Remix)/05 Elephant (Canyon Wooly Mammoth Extension)


  1. lonerism part 1

    lonerism part 2

    bonus disc



  2. Hope these will be of interest to you.

    Currents, mp3 @320

    Innerspeaker Bonus Disc, mp3 @320