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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Guru Guru

As I've said before, I love that 70's Krautrock, usually, but I 1) lack a lot of knowledge on it, and 2) lack a lot of the actual music.......but I thought I'd throw this up, "Kanguru" by Germany's Guru Guru, a 1972 classic of the genre that I DO happen to have.......I've got a couple more of their albums that aren't as good as this one, so I'll hold off on putting them up until I see what kind of response this draws.......always liked this one, what does a virgin listener think?

KANGURU-01 Oxymoron/02 Immer Lustig/03 Baby Cake Walk/04 Ooga Booga


  1. Thanks scott for this.i have never heard of this band.krautrock i know nothing about.but i love trying out new bands had a listen this is great stuff.thanks scott.

  2. Thanks for this Scott, more Guru Guru would be mighty fine, thanks for all your work cheers phil