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Friday, May 5, 2017

Scott's Mega-Sons of Garage Fuzz Part 15

Running through the letters P/Q as we come into the home 
stretch with this sprawling and great
collection.....again, there is no overlap between this and the first Garage Fuzz series, 100% "new" material......just wanted to point out, too, that this volume is especially good, with The Pretty Things, Peanut Butter Conspiracy, and Precious Few's version of "Train Kept-a Rollin'", which makes Aerosmith sound like Mazzy Star

VOLUME 15-01 PEAGANS-I Can Only Give You Everything/02 PAINTED FACES-Anxious Color/03 PAINTED FACES-I Think I'm Going Mad/04 PALACE GUARD-Saturday's Child/05 PARK AVENUE PLAYGROUND-The Trip/06 PASTELS-Weird Sound/07 PATRIOTS-What a Drag It Is/08 PATTENS-Jump/09 PAUPERS-Think I Care/10 PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY-Floating Dream/11
 PEANUT BUTTER CONSPIRACY-It's a Happening Thing/12 PENETRATION-The Longer You hang Around/13 PERILS-Hate/14 PERPETUAL MOTION-Infiltrate Your Mind/15 PETER ANTELL-The Times The Are a Changin/16 PETER PAN & THE GOOD FAIRIES-Kaleidoscope/17 PHASE II PRODUCTIONS-Stop/18 PHOXXE-Look at Me/19 PINEAPPLE HEARD-Valleri/20 PLAYBOYS-Sad/21 PORTRAITS-Run Around Girl/22 PRECIOUS FEW-Train Kept a Rollin/23 PREMIERS-Get Your Baby/24 PRETTY THINGS-Come See Me/25 PRETTY THINGS-Get the Picture/26 PRIDE AND JOY-Girl/27 PROFESSOR MORRISON'S LOLLIPOP-You Got the Love/28 PURPLE HAZE-Shades of Blue/29 Q'65-It Came To Me/30 QUANTRILL RIDERS-I'm Going

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