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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Howlin' Rain Live

I have not been familiar with this band, a friend of mine was listening to this live effort and I thought it was
pretty good....a quick check reveals this band was created by Ethan Miller of Comets on Fire, but is very dissimilar to that band to say the least......still very good though, rocking psychedelic blues, really like it, retro 70's stadium-rock-like, quite enjoyable in my estimation, thought I'd pass it along with an inquiry for anyone with their studio work to come forward, hopefully, it's as good as this live disc.

LIVE RAIN-01 Phantom in the Valley/02 Self Made Man/03 Can't Satisfy Me Now/04 Beneath Wild Wings/05 Lord Have Mercy/06 Hung Out in the Rain/07 Calling Lightning Part 2/08 Dancers at the end of Time/09 Roll on the Rusted Days

Sometimes I completely miss out on a band until years later.....this may be such a case, as I found this quite a solid album.

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