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Friday, May 5, 2017


Checked this one out this morning, skull crushing hard rock, what more can I say? Thanks to Fabio for this one, I'm going to listen again today, and for me that is a true rarity! Hard rock n roll lovers, ya gotta have this one....reminds maybe of Alabama Thunderpussy or Dixie Witch, stuff like dat!

01 War Bear/02 Sword in the Storm/03 Drinkin Alone/04 Bloodwash/05 Death of Giants/06 Alone Eyes Roam/07 California King/08 The Road/09 Son of Moses/10 Towards the Sun

Moonbow’s  War Bear is prime listening. Gritty low-end that burns your gut like a swig of good shine. Dank guitars and wicked picking that play out like a love affair between heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll. Best of all: songs you can (and most definitely will) sing along with.  By and large the third record by frontman Matt “the Beard” Bischoff,  guitarist Davey McElfresh (Hank 3), drummer Steve Earle (Hermano), and bassist Ryan McAllister (Valley Of The Sun)  celebrates the good life, while not glossing over its seedier dark side. These tales benefit from a seamless mix of Kentucky styles, from backwater blues to southern sludge, outlaw country to Clutch-style stoner rock. It’s a defining mix that absolutely works for the album and will have you looking for a sweet spot in the sun with your favorite habit to soak it all in. ~ Billy Goate (Doomed & Stoned)

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