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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Buzz Kull

Buzz Kull is a one-man Aussie synth whiz, he cranks out some DARK stuff, which I guess can be demonstrated by this fact:

-- includes bonus track cover of the Joy Divisionesque song by Mark "Gator" Ragowski, the skateboarder who assaulted, raped, and murdered a girl and is serving time in prison -- the song was in the documentary about him

So there ya go.......Joy Division is a pretty fair reference point.

CHROMA-01 Christina/02 We Were Lovers/03 Into The Void/04 Dreams/05 Chroma/06 Nausea/07 Tomorrow's Ghost/08 Lost Control/09 Youth/10 China White/11 Dudesblood (the song referred to above)

I really like this one, which may say more about myself than about the album

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