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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Also from Studkid comes some 2000 sstoner rock from Mexico, Stonerwitch with "Ojos del Salado".....other than sightings of the title track on some Mexican stoner comps, I can find a damn bit of information about them .......sounds EXCELLENT!

OJOS DEL SALADA-Introduzione/02 Perdita Duran/03 Stone Flower/04 Aire Gris/05 Turboduster/06 Morienda/07 Combustion/08 Ojos Del Salad/09 Sol Neggro/10 As As UFO/11 II/12 Ritual/13 Saeta!7wBUXYaC!-LGcQO082KJpy8rjIdwgbg

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