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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Stone Garden

An old fave of mine, Fabio dusts this one off for another spin.....Stone Garden were minor players in the early 70's hard/heavy rock scene, the "pre-stoner' era as I call it......this is a random collection of tracks, some live, but knowing of my love for the music of that particular time, (1968-73 roughly), you'll know what to expect.!bNwUTK5J!9M6--GX7UEEnnxpQ-RgOWw

A1Oceans Inside Me2:33
A2It's A Beautiful Day3:28
A3The World Is Coming To An End2:31
A5Da Da Da Da Da3:32
B1Stop My Thinking (45)2:15
B2Assembly Line3:27
B4San Francisco Policeman Blues4:25
B5Oceans Inside Me (45)2:35

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