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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Excellent, Buddy Guy/Eric Clapton 1990 Royal Albert Hall

I love me some Buddy Guy, and thanks to Lewwd I have a HUGE bunch of boots from Mr. Guy......I've seen him twice and he is one of my favorite live performers, always entertaining as hell. Him being joined by young whippersnapper Eric Clapton,  of whom you may have heard, results in some excellent music......if you have a specific Buddy Guy show you desire, let me know chances are I may have it here somewhere.....just let me know.

The hardest rocking 80-year old on the planet, not much question there.

1990 ROYAL ALBERT HALL-01 DJ Chatter/02 Money/03 Five Long Years/04 DJ Chatter/05 This is the New Enjoyment Moment/06 Everything's Gonna Be Alright/07 Something on Your Mind/08 DJ Chatter/09 This Is So Much Fun/10 My Time After a While/11 Sweet Home Chicago/12 Hoochie Coochie Man/13 DJ Chatter/14 Wee Wee Baby/15 DJ Chatter

How much Buddy do you "Guy"s (I am so CLEVER) do you guys want? I'll see how popular this one proves to be.


  1. The "maturity" body of work of Buddy Guy is killer.
    I love Skin Deep in particular.
    Speakin of old bluesmen I can't forget the first time I heard R.L. Burnside... i continue to keep a cheap electric guitar tuned to open G lying around... a Poor black Mattie reprise uplift even the shittiesr day!

  2. Very Cool! Do you have any 70s or earlier stuff?

  3. I love Buddy Guy! Really glad to see this, and I for one would be happy to take whatever you're willing to share! many thanks!

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