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Monday, May 1, 2017

New Mark Lanegan

A new CD from the former Screaming Trees screamer, listened today, pretty good......actallly all of Lanigan's solo LP's are pretty good, perhaps a big post is in order.......anyway check this one out, ML is one of the underrated performers of the era.

"GARGOYLE"-01 Death's Head Tattoo/02 Nocturne/03 Blue Blue Sea/04 Beehive/05 Sister/06 Emperor/07 Goodbye to Beauty/08 Drunk on Destruction/09 First Day of Winter/10 Old Swan!YYUSEDZB!YCjd6Xp9GKVp7pUYooiq1Q


  1. Lovin this... I' ve seen Mark live twice, at the times of bubblegum (great dirty gig) in a small packed club near home ... Wow then two or three years later in Cassino... not so impressed, more acoustic and bad venue. PS One Way Street is my favorite song ever of mr. Lanegan... it's obvious his knowledge of The Matter.